voice actor

Meaghan Davies, represented by top agency Atlas Talent and a recipient of the Women In Animation Mentorship program in Hollywood, is an animation and commercial voice artist with the vocal flexibility to play toothless toddlers, schoolyard bullies, I’m-so-cool teens and totally grown up twenty to thirty somethings.  She has over 200 episodes of animation broadcast globally including the internationally known Bananas in Pyjamas, Tracey McBean and Sea Princesses.  Meaghan has lent her elastic voice to promos for networks globally and was the voice of Cartoon Network and The Boomerang Channel across South East Asia and Australia.  In addition Meaghan has session sung, lent her calming tones to telecommunications companies, and played lead roles in award winning radio plays including Paul Livingston’s This Hideous Progeny, and The Stepping Stars of Boronkowice by Noelle Janaczewska. 

Proficient with accents she has voiced commercials/animations/radio plays in American, Australian, British and European accents as well as played male and female characters of varying ages.  Meaghan also has training and experience in ADR and looping.  With her LA based home studio and the ablility to work fast, Meaghan has the versatility directors are looking for.


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