Dave Elsey, 2011 Academy Award winner 

“She is not only a wonderfully gifted performer, with unique physical skills; she is an electric, and subtle actor too.  This is a very rare combination.  I can’t recommend Meaghan highly enough.  My only hesitation is that you might hire her before I do!  I’m a Meaghan fan.”


Geoffrey Rush, Oscar, BAFTA, Golden Globe, Tony Award and Emmy Award winner

“Meaghan has a vibrant sense of play and a striking original presence within a company.   Unique, sassy, committed, diverse, sparky – Meaghan is rapidly creating a fascinating profile amongst her peers in the Australian acting community.  From landing showcase roles in theatre, a substantial stint in kids’ television, her role in the musical The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, Meaghan is building strong foundations for a long term creative career in Australia, and I heartily recommend her.”


Neil Armfield, former Artistic Director of Australia’s prestigious Company B Belvoir, international film/opera/theatre director:

“I have directed Meaghan in many productions, including the world premiere of Paul Livingston’s Emma’s Nose, Suddenly Last Summer and The Marriage of Figaro with Company B, as well as an earlier season of Figaro which opened the QPAC Playhouse in Brisbane in 1998, starring Geoffrey Rush.  I think she is a fascinating and wonderful actress.”

Meaghan has enjoyed extensive press coverage (interviews, stories and reviews) in international newspapers, magazines and radio spots.

Review highlights include:

This production’s richness of talent also reminds us of the importance of festivals in overcoming parochial and financial barriers.  Ubu’s combinations of Sydney flair, over the top style and energy – manifested in it Belvoir B cast – and Melbourne’s sharp political awareness – in its adaptors and director – is particularly rewarding.  Ubu is totally enjoyable, an irreverant explosion of bad taste and welcome satire…Arky Michael, Meaghan Davies, Jenny Vuletic and Matthew Whittet – play all manner of roles, from wimpy royal children, Ubu-brats, courtiers, Huns, to the chorus from Les Miserables.  Also dressed as puppets, they bring a pantomime style to it all, ridiculing any pretensions to seriousness.  Most importantly, they also contribute to the sense of sheer enjoyment that gives the satire its edge.  Monsters and their acolytes are not supposed to have such a good time!  So the audience have a good time too.   (The Age – Ubu, Belvoir/Melbourne International Arts Festival)


A cool, dry place for hothouse drama. Much credit for the success of this production goes to Neil Armfield, whose careful direction has ensured that all of his actors are up to the task.  Meaghan Davies’ alien-looking Miss Foxhill is a great little creation.  Welcome light relief amongst all this heavy hothouse drama. (City Hub – Suddenly Last Summer, Belvoir)


Bille Brown is the first among equals and Carole Skinner is his fishwife Ma.  They’re ably supported by Jennifer Vuletic (tall and operatic), Meaghan Davies (small and helium-sucking), Paul Blackwell, Arky Michael and Matthew Whittet.  (Australian Financial Review – Ubu, Belvoir/Melbourne International Arts Festival)


There’s a tiny bundle of joy Meaghan Davies in several roles.  (FM 99.3 2NSB Radio – Ubu, Belvoir/Melbourne International Arts Festival)


The performances are terrific – wild and surreal.  Paul Blackwell, Meaghan Davies, Arky Michael, Jenny Vuletic and Matthew Whittet play the other characters as a comic chorus that becomes increasingly nightmarish.  (The Australian – Ubu, Belvoir/Melbourne International Arts Festival)


There’s also newcomer – Meaghan Davies – who looks set for a successful career.  Her comedy ability and her tiny physique should have her in line for lots of comedy parts.  (2NSB FM 91.5 – Radio Review of Suddenly Last Summer, Belvoir)


But then there’s Emma (Meaghan Davies), swathed in bandages, acting superbly with her eyes, except when freed for the dream sequence to sing Porter’s You Do Something To Me.  (Sydney Morning Herald – Emma’s Nose, Belvoir)